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Single Courses


Barista & Hot Beverages (IAMI GUEST Unit 11)

From £255.00

Directed at interior crew of all levels, looking to improve their barista and hot beverage skills.

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Food & Beverages Service (IAMI GUEST Unit 02)

From £300.00

Directed at junior and entry-level steward/esses looking to gain and improve skills in food and beverage service, as well as Chief Steward/esses looking for assistance training junior crew members.

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Housekeeping & Laundry (IAMI GUEST Unit 32)

From £300.00

Directed at junior and entry-level steward/esses looking to improve their housekeeping and laundry skills, as well as Chief steward/esses looking for assistance training junior crew members.

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Floristry & Plant Maintenance (IAMI GUEST Unit 10)

From £255.00

Directed at steward/esses of all levels looking to gain skills in floral design and plant care

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Advanced Food & Beverages Service (IAMI GUEST Unit 05)

24hrs of blended learning

From £600.00

Take your service skills to the next level with this comprehensive guide to exquisite service practices and service styles.

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Advanced Housekeeping Services (IAMI GUEST Unit 08)

24hrs Blended Learning

From £500.00

This course provides students with the expertise to maintain immaculate environments while ensuring the smooth operation of housekeeping duties. You will learn the importance of adhering to standard operating procedures and schedules to maintain consistency and exceed guest expectations.

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Advanced Laundry Service (IAMI GUEST Unit 07)

11.5hrs blended learning

From £400.00

Master the art of garment care with the proper techniques for ironing, pressing, folding and presenting different types of clothing.

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