Advanced Laundry Service (IAMI GUEST Unit 07)

Advanced Laundry Service (IAMI GUEST Unit 07)

Master the art of garment care with the proper techniques for ironing, pressing, folding and presenting different types of clothing.

Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)

  • £400.00 excl.


Directed at experienced and senior steward/esses, as well as Chief steward/esses looking for assistance training. 


Course Overview

Welcome to TCA’s Advanced Laundry Service Course. Get ready to dive into the world of luxury laundry and become an expert in providing impeccable laundry services onboard. Throughout this course, students will discover the best practices for handling and processing laundry onboard superyachts, ensuring both guest and crew satisfaction. They will understand the significance of laundry labels and learn how to interpret them accurately to ensure proper care for different garments. They will become familiar with the symbols and instructions found on washing machines and dryers, allowing efficient and effective operation.

Participants will master the art of garment care by learning the proper techniques for ironing, pressing, folding, and presenting different types of clothing, ensuring a polished and immaculate appearance. They will understand the importance of regular maintenance for laundry machines and equipment to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. They will gain insights into the impact of water usage and wastewater in laundry operations and discover how to minimise environmental impact and learn how to prioritise health and safety in the laundry area by implementing the best practices and conducting thorough risk assessments.

Students will expand their knowledge of fabric care by exploring the specific requirements and treatments for different types of fabrics, ensuring their longevity, and maintaining their pristine condition and become skilled in the art of fabric stain removal by learning effective techniques for tackling stains on different fabrics, ensuring their restoration to their original beauty.

With this Advanced Laundry Services Course, you will gain the expertise and confidence needed to provide exceptional laundry services onboard superyachts. Join us on this journey to elevate your skills and deliver unparalleled luxury laundry services.

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Topic 1: Standard Operating Procedures

  • How to apply the processes & procedures (SOPs) for the on-board laundry operations.
  • Understanding of the laundry practices for managing:
    • Crew laundry
    • Guest laundry
    • Guest-On


Topic 2: Laundry labels and washing machine & dryer symbols.

  • The importance of interpreting & following laundry labels & care labels
  • The importance of interpreting & following washing machine & dryer symbols & instructions


Topic 3: Managing Laundry Services

  • How to apply professional ironing, folding & presentation of laundered garments
  • The principles of operating the roller iron & can identify a risk and apply a risk assessment
  • The required care & maintenance of the laundry equipment
  • Understanding the Sinner’s Circle
  • The effects and usage of detergents
  • The effects and usage of water on-board


Topic 4: Health and Safety

  • Laundry health and safety practices
  • Risk assessments 


Topic 5: Fabric care and treatment

  • The treatment & care of fabrics
  • How to apply stain removal on various fabrics for various stains

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To find out more about Interior courses read our Interior Brochure


Course Format

Learning Journey

Total of 11.5 hours of blended learning; Online allowing students to join from any time-zone and location.

  • Video introduction to Unit (10 minutes)
  • Guided eLearning / Self-study through VLE (7 hours)
  • Series of multiple-choice knowledge checks throughout course
  • 1:1 tuition with trainer (1 hour)
  • 2-part practical assessment comprising of:
    • 1 research assignment
    • 1 video assignment
  • Online written examination (1 hour)



Equipment required

  • Good internet, computer & printer
  • Device with video capabilities
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Assortment of items for practical assessment:
    • Pillowcase
    • Napkin
    • T Shirt or Polo Shirt
    • Shorts or Trousers
    • A Silk Shirt (alternatively you may use a cotton shirt, but treat as if it is silk)



Your Trainer - Sarah Wood

Born and raised on Canada’s Great Lakes, Sarah spent over ten years working between luxury estates and various superyachts, working her way up to Chief Stewardess on 40 to 85m vessels.

Since joining the Crew Academy team Sarah has been refreshing the interior courses and is excited to share her experience and love for the industry as an IAMI GUEST approved trainer, teaching an assortment of interior courses. Our blended eLearning courses include a face-to-face session with Sarah.


Key Takeaways

  • How to follow & apply a good working knowledge for guest & crew laundry practices (SOPs)
  • The importance of reading & following laundry labels
  • The importance of reading & following washing machine & dryer symbols & instruction
  • How to apply professional & efficient laundry services on-board
  • How to correctly iron, press, fold & present a variety of garments.
  • The care & maintenance required for laundry machines & equipment.
  • The effects & usage of water, wastewater & water treatment onboard (Inc. MARPOL)
  • How to apply health & safety practices & risk assessments in the laundry area (inc. COSHH)
  • How to care for & treat a wide variety of fabrics
  • How to apply fabric stain removal from a variety of fabrics & types of stains