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Our team of expert recruiters have years of professional experience working in the roles they are looking to fill. Therefore, we understand the industry, its complexity and its challenges, in a way that others without this experience simply can’t.

Since 2013, we have worked with owners, management partners and senior crew, going above and beyond to fulfil their recruitment wishes.

Whether you’re looking for the right crew or searching for your next role, our team of specialists, get in touch with our team today.

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Our Services.


Our team of experienced headhunters are experts in the departments for which they recruit, enabling us to secure the right candidate for your team in terms of key skills, experience, and crew dynamic. In order to deliver our first-class service, we suggest a one-month notice period whenever possible to ensure the ideal candidate selection.

Competency Interviews.

We work with you to identify key competencies required, including personal, managerial, interpersonal and motivational factors. Within the interviews, we ask candidates to provide specific examples of when and how they have demonstrated these particular competencies and behaviours. Available as part of our core headhunting service or as a standalone option.

CV Screening.

Our screening service allows you to submit a number of CVs, which will be meticulously sifted through by our team. We provide a shortlist and tailored recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions. We can also take this further and handle reference checks, alleviating you of this time-consuming task. Part of our core headhunting service or as a standalone option.

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Human Resources.

We offer a range of specialist HR and managerial services, alongside our core headhunting offering. This includes Training & Development, Compensation Management, Benefits Administration, Performance Appraisal Management, Employee and Employer Relations and Compliance Management, alongside a range of additional managerial services.

Job Profiling.

Skills and experience matter, and so does fitting in with the culture of your yacht. With our crew profiling service, you can compare candidates’ psychometric profiles to ideal traits, ensuring an objective evaluation and confident hiring decision. Available as a standalone service or an addition to our core headhunting offering.

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Background Check.

As a UK registered recruitment company, we conduct legal background checks on candidates from UK, EU, US and across the globe. The comprehensive check includes criminal records (CBRD), credit and employment history, work authorization, education history, social media profiles, driving record, and medical records (subject to restrictions).

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Code of Conduct

At The Crew Hunter, we are bound by our ethical code of conduct. So, you can rest assured our team consistently act with the highest integrity, honesty and professionalism.

In addition to compliance with all legal and diversity requirements, the key principles to which we abide include:

  • To conduct business dealings and build relationships with the highest degree of professionalism, honesty and integrity
  • Ensure that headhunters do not act in any way which will damage their reputation, the reputation of The Crew Hunter, or the wider industry
  • All dealings with clients and candidates are documented ensuring a robust audit trail of activity at every stage of the process.
  • Provide accurate, honest information and constructive feedback to clients and candidates throughout
  • Ensure the best available candidates are proposed for relevant roles, with the required work permits, visas, experience or yachting qualifications (legally or otherwise)
  • Maintain confidentiality for both client and candidate, only disclosing confidential information with explicit consent or if required to do so by law
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Free Mental Heath Training.

Beyond matching stellar candidates with the right positions, we aim to elevate industry standards by advocating for better support and HR practices that prioritise the well-being of crew and, in turn, drive more productive teams.

For every candidate placed, we offer a free Mental Health course, provided by The Crew Academy and MHFA England. This includes:

  • Mental Health Awareness for yacht crew
  • Captain’s Mental Health for Captains, HODs and senior crew
  • Suicide Prevention, Addiction & Recovery
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