Floristry & Plant Maintenance (IAMI GUEST Unit 10)

Floristry & Plant Maintenance (IAMI GUEST Unit 10)

Directed at steward/esses of all levels looking to gain skills in floral design and plant care

Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)

  • £255.00 excl.


The Crew Academy’s GUEST and IAMI accredited Floristry and Plant Maintenance eLearning course is geared towards both entry level and experienced steward/stewardesses to provide a comprehensive understanding of floral design and plant care

Participants will learn the main principles of floral design, and understand how to prepare and plan floral displays pre-guest arrival, taking into consideration guest preferences, location, colour schemes, budgets, and dimensions.

The course covers optimum storage conditions and proper stem preparation to extend the life of fresh flowers. This will include becoming familiar with all the tools, equipment and skills required to correctly cut, prepare, and store cut flowers and foliage, and how to properly use them to create arrangements.

Alongside floristry skills, students will also learn to identify various indoor plants, while developing the skills to care for and maintain popular indoor plants for healthy growth.

Finally, the course will provide participants with an understanding of the relevant health and safety practices including waste disposal, COSHH, and HASAWA regulations, as well as personal safety considerations when working with sharp tools, poisonous and irritant materials, and heavy items.

This flexible and self-paced course also provides access to a dedicated trainer for optional private tuition and assistance throughout the entire course.

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Your Trainer: Sarah Wood

Born and raised on Canada’s Great Lakes, Sarah spent over ten years working between luxury estates and various superyachts, working her way up to Chief Stewardess on 40-85m vessels.

After moving ashore and working as a consultant for a UK based recruitment and management company, Sarah relocated to Australia with her family and founded a boutique yacht crew recruitment company.

Since joining the Crew Academy team Sarah has been refreshing the interior courses and is excited to share her experience and love for the industry as an IAMI GUEST approved trainer, teaching an assortment of interior courses.


Course Format

Total 12 hours of blended learning online, allowing students to join from any time-zone and location

  • Video introduction to Unit (10 minutes)
  • Guided e-learning / Self-study through VLE (8.5 hours)
  • Series of multiple choice knowledge checks throughout course
  • 1:1 tuition with trainer (1 hour)
  • Practical assessment comprising of 2 video submissions
  • Online written examination (1 hour)


Required Equipment:

  • Good internet, computer and printer
  • Device with video capabilities
  • Selection of flowers and foliage
  • Access to water (sink or tap)
  • Scissors, secateurs or floral knife
  • Floral foam
  • Vase, container, or flower tray
  • String, floral tape, wire, or floral pin holder
  • Decorative accessories (optional)



Topic 1.
Learning Objective: Understands how to apply the main elements and principals used to evaluate floral design

  • The main principles of floral design
  • The main elements of floral design
  • How to identify colour relationship
  • The effect of the use of colour relationship for displays
  • Use of colour on displays and colour used for occasions, events, and symbolic circumstances

Topic 2.
Learning Objective: Understands how to correctly store, condition, and handle fresh flowers and pot plants

  • Optimum conditions for storing fresh flowers and materials onboard
  • Conditioning methods for various fresh flowers, cut materials, foliage, and potted plants
  • How to apply the correct conditioning methods
  • How to correctly care for stems
  • How to monitor and control the quality and rotations of cut materials and displays

Topic 3.
Learning Objective: Understands the importance of health and safety when handling floristry tools, equipment, and materials

  • Disposing of waste materials and complying with legislation
  • Personal safety and care when handling or lifting equipment and materials
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment and tools

Topic 4.
Learning Objective: Understands the main principles to consider when ordering flowers and how to successfully plan an order.

  • Familiarity and eye for detail of the onboard environment for planning an order
  • Types of flowers to order

Topic 5.
Learning Objective: Understands how to use the tools and equipment to successfully prepare and produce container and foam flower arrangements.

  • Tools and equipment used in floristry and how to use them
  • Floral arrangements

Topic 6.
Learning Objective: Understands how to correctly care for and maintain the onboard plants.

  • Common indoor plant categories and care and maintenance
  • Methods used in planted designs
  • The plant life cycle and growth process

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