Sunsets that never get old, destinations unlike any other, and the challenge of providing exceptional service – yachting offers a unique lifestyle that almost seems too good to be true!

It’s natural to want to share these moments on social media but before you start flooding your social media with #yachtlife pics, you must consider that your online activity can have serious consequences, not just for you but for everyone onboard.

So, what are the risks? Well, there are people online who could be looking to gather information in order to target or exploit the vessel or individuals on board. Confidentiality and discretion are key.

For example, If you post pictures publicly that reveal your daily location, routines, and details about the vessel or guests, someone could potentially use this information to try to harm you or the vessel. This could involve anything from attempting to manipulate you into sharing sensitive information or black mailing you or anyone on board.

This blog dives into the world of social media and yacht crew, exploring the risks and how to stay safe and responsible online.


How to use social media responsibly as yacht crew

To help you reduce the risk to the vessel and everyone on board, here are some key practices to safeguard yourself and those around you…

Boost those privacy settings

It is important to limit who can see your posts and to make sure when you have anyone onboard to adjust your privacy settings.

Location location location (or not) 

Avoid tagging your location and revealing the vessel’s location in real-time as this could have serious consequences for everyone onboards safety.

Respect guest and owner privacy

As a crew member you should never post photos or details about guests or owners to social media especially without their explicit permission.

Think before you share 

We must always consider the potential consequences of a post before hitting the “share” button. You have to ask yourself: “Could this post compromise the security or privacy of anyone onboard?”


How can it affect my career?

Maintaining a professional online persona is essential in yachting. You must avoid posting anything controversial or that could potentially damage your or the yacht’s reputation.

On the other hand, responsible social media can be extremely beneficial for your future career prospects. So, just make sure to keep it professional, confidential and safe.


What else can I do?

The Crew Academy’s Human & Cyber Vulnerability Awareness course highlights the importance of the human aspect in security breaches on social media and beyond.

Here are some additional tips for staying safe online…

Be careful who you befriend 

Don’t accept requests from or exchange messages with strangers, especially those who seem overly interested in your work or the vessel.

Report suspicious activity

If you suspect someone is trying to gather information about the yacht or guests, notify your superiors immediately.

Use strong passwords

Use complex passwords for all your online accounts to ensure no data breaches. You can store these in a secure password manager in case you forget.


Want to learn more?

By adopting responsible social media practices and remaining vigilant, you can contribute to a safe and secure environment for everyone onboard

Remember, your online presence can have real-world consequences. So, be a social media savvy crew member and protect yourself and those around you.

The Crew Academy’s Human & Cyber Vulnerability Awareness course, delivered in partnership with security and intelligence specialists, Romeo Foxtrot, goes into this subject in more depth and focuses on the human element in cyber security.

If you have any questions about social media security or you want to learn more about our Human & Cyber vulnerability course click here.

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