If you’re looking ahead to your next role, get prepared by crafting a great CV. Here are some top tips from our star recruiters to help you get started.

1. Tailor your CV to the role
It’s important to tailor the CV for each role you are applying for. Include the most relevant information for that position and that particular boat to stand out from the crowd.

2. Keep it under two pages

Yes, you want to include all the relevant experience but yacht crew are busy people. Most hiring managers will only have time to read a couple of pages so keep things concise.

3. Include a professional photo
Adding a photo gives the CV a personal touch and can also show the hiring team that you are well presented – especially important if you’re working in a service role.

4. If you use AI, check it
AI can be a powerful tool to help you craft a great CV, but it’s not perfect. It doesn’t always get all the facts straight and can have pretty flowery vocabulary. So, if you do use it, review it.

5. Explain any gaps
Whether it’s a study break or a house refurb, make sure to explain any gaps in your experience or where you took some time off.

6. Register with us
Once you’ve crafted the perfect CV, register it with us to be first in line for any new roles here.

Struggling with what to put in your yachting CV? As part of our new Superyacht Stewardess Starter Kit one of our specialist recruiters will review your CV and provide you with personalised tips on how to improve.

For the latest jobs, visit The Crew Hunter and take a look at courses on The Crew Academy.

For general enquiries about recruitment or training please contact info@yachtcrew.uk.

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