Want to know the secret behind a successful yacht? A crew that feels valued and supported. 

Retaining crew requires more than addressing the immediate cause of any dissatisfaction. It’s about proactively investing in opportunities for training and personal growth, creating robust HR practices, fostering a culture of positive mental health.

This creates a well-rounded environment where crew feel valued, supported, and empowered to be at their best – contributing to the overall success of your vessel.

Read on for the key ingredients to boosting performance, wellbeing and crew retention on board…

Strong Leadership

Train managers in effective communication, conflict resolution, and motivational practices. Prioritise open communication channels and regular feedback.

Realistic Workload & Balance

Implement reasonable schedules. Ensure sufficient time off for both physical and mental rest, and opportunities for crew to pursue personal interests.

Competitive Compensation & Benefits

Offer fair salaries and attractive benefits packages. Regularly review compensation and consider additional perks or bonuses.

Appreciation and Recognition

Celebrate achievements, provide positive reinforcement, and offer genuine appreciation for hard work and dedication.

Fostering a Supportive Culture

Prioritise mental health support. Provide resources and training to help crew cope with stress and the unique demands of working at sea.

Professional Development

Invest in training programs (like those offered by The Crew Academy). Provide opportunities for cross-training and advancement. Show crew members you believe in their growth.

Ready to learn more?

The Crew Academy are the experts in crew training and development, offering a variety of industry-leading programs specifically designed to address the needs of both crew and yacht owners.

To learn more about how you can invest in your team’s personal development, check out our Guide To Building Stronger, Happier and More Effective Teams or view the full range of courses on our website here.

To discuss further email info@yachtcrew.uk.

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