Advanced Interior Administration

Advanced Interior Administration


Gain mastery over operational management and administrative duties relevant to the interior department on yachts.

Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)

  • £500.00 excl.


The Crew Academy’s Advanced Interior Administration eLearning course is designed for experienced yacht crew members looking to refine their administrative skills. 

Participants will learn to conduct detailed risk assessments for the interior department, select suitable training providers, and understand the landscape of referral agencies, all to boost both safety and operational effectiveness.

The course emphasises professionalism and integrity through adherence to standing orders and ethical codes. This streamlines operations and improves guest experiences with advanced interior administration practices. It also covers effective communication, interior department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), guideline books for sub-departments, and the strategic use of information systems for superior organisation and management.

From records and certification for Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) compliance to intricate food safety management systems and beyond, our curriculum is tailored to enhance your proficiency in managing the interior department of a yacht with exceptional efficiency and effectiveness.

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Course Format

Total 11 hours of blended learning. Online allowing students to join from any timezone or location.

  • Guided eLearning (8 hours)
  • Series of multiple choice knowledge checks throughout course
  • Optional 1:1 with trainer
  • 4 part practical assessment / assignment testing
  • Online written exam 


  1. The transition from junior to senior roles and the importance of good etiquette & communication
  2. Health, Safety & Security Administrations in the Interior Department and how to apply the Yacht Standing Orders
  3. The purpose of an Interior Administration and SOPs, and how to apply Professional Interior Administrations to maintain Standards in the Interior Department
  4. How to operate the Interior Information Management Systems, apply Guest preferences & effectively deal with contractors & placing orders
  5. How to implement Personal Training Development & maintain health & wellbeing for self & others

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, participants will come away with a GUEST-qualification - Unit 34.


Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)

  • £500.00 excl.