Advanced Leadership

Advanced Leadership

Gain a greater understanding of various leadership styles, as well as practical knowledge and skills to progress in your career. Choose from 3-day or 2-week course.

2 weeks, 05:00 PM BST - 08:00 PM BST


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3 days, 08:00 AM BST - 02:00 PM BST


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2 weeks, 05:00 PM GMT - 08:00 PM GMT


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3 days, 08:00 AM GMT - 04:00 PM GMT


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    2 weeks, 05:00 PM GMT - 08:00 PM GMT


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    The Crew Academy’s GUEST-accredited Advanced Leadership Program is for existing and aspiring managers in yachting. The course provides the skills and knowledge to inspire their teams to maximise performance and gain greater clarity of their own leadership journey.

    This course will help team leaders working in any department on a yacht to build better teams under your own leadership and accelerate your career. The course will provide you with practical knowledge that you can directly apply in your role. 

    Students can choose from two different learning options for this course. The 3-day intensive program takes place over three full days, comprising all live lectures, assessments and online self study. The 2-week program consists of 6 evening live sessions with assessments and self study completed in your own time throughout the course.

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    Course Format

    This part-time globally accessible course gives you tools which you can immediately apply in your role and consists of...

    • 6 core modules broken down into bitesize interactive study units and assessments.

    • Live workshops delivered by our leadership experts.

      • 3 day: Monday to Wednesday, 8am to 2pm UK

      • 2 week: Monday to Wednesday x2, 5pm to 8pm UK

    • 4-hours of online self-study in our Virtual Learning Environment.


    Course Schedule

     3-day intensive
    • Live sessions: Monday to Wednesday, 8am to 2pm GMT
    • Additional self study and assessments completed following the live sessions
    2 week course
    • Live sessions: Monday to Wednesday x2, 5pm to 8pm GMT
    • Additional self study and assessments completed throughout the two weeks



    1. Management & Leadership

    2. Communication Skills

    3. Motivation & Engagement

    4. Developing Teams

    5. Conflict & Collaboration

    6. Personal Effectiveness


    Key Takeaways

    The course will provide you with practical knowledge that you can directly apply in your role. Upon successful completion, you will gain the industry-recognised GUEST Unit 17 Foundation Leadership and Unit 22 Advanced Leadership Qualifications.

    As TCA alumni you will also receive free access to our Mental Health Awareness Course. The course also provides you with a solid skill set which can be applied to any role in your future career, both on board and land-based.



    “Insightful, thought provoking, and examples which correlate with life in yachting, it’s the perfect blend to improve not only leadership skills but to help others who work in the crew develop and have a sense of ownership. “

    Aimee - 2022 Leadership Graduate 

    " 100% recommend as you learn more about yourself with how you are as a leader. You will also learn how to identify what your team players need from you, keeping them motivated. Overall it will give you a better understanding of what a team is and goes through. "

    Tanya - 2022  Leadership Graduate

    " I would definitely recommend the course! This course is for everyone who wants to be more effective as a leader and to have a better understanding of self-development, people and communication. It is also quite useful outside the work area. "

    Kameliya - 2022 Leadership Graduate

    " I would recommend this course for anybody who is stepping into, or is currently in, a leadership position. Only positives can come from this course, you will feel more confident in your abilities as a leader, more inspired to share your learnings with your team, which will only lead to you being a better crew member. A win win for everybody involved! "

    Hayley - 2022 Leadership Graduate

    " Completing this course around your work schedule is manageable and there are many skills that can be taken away from this course either in a purser, chief stew or HOD role. These can also be transferred to land-based roles. "

     Nicola - 2022 Leadership Graduate

    " Very interesting course and really relative to yachting industry as well! "

    Stéphanie - 2022 Leadership Graduate