Get to know the industry’s seasons, prime locations and events to help advance your career

If you’re looking at starting or progressing your career in yachting, understanding the industry’s ebbs and flows is crucial. That means getting to know the seasons, popular locations and calendar of industry events throughout the year.

Each period presents unique opportunities, whether that’s for job hunting, training, or networking. It can be scary breaking into a new industry but once you understand what makes it tick, you can start to build up your network and even have a go at dockwalking to land that first job.

 But first, let’s take a journey through the year in yachting to discover the best times to set course for career progression.


Understand the seasons

The yachting industry works around two main seasons. It’s useful to understand these key times and the destinations where boats will be throughout the year when you’re looking for a job.

The US is an interesting one, as in Florida, with its endless sunshine it pretty much bucks the trend, with a 12 month long season and yachts constantly on the move either going North, South or East back over the pond.

The summer season, for all those Med based runs from May to October each year. With high-profile events like the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix, the region teems with charter activity and events, making it a hub for job opportunities.

Busy locations for yachting include the South of France (Monaco, Cannes, St Tropez), Mallorca, Corsica, Greece and Greek islands, Italy (Capri, Portofino and Sardinia), and Turkey. There’s also off the beaten-track destinations like Scandinavia and Svalbard.

Throughout the winter months, November to April, yachting activity is based around the Caribbean which sees a surge in luxury charters during this time of year in places like Antigua, St Martin, St Lucia, the Bahamas, St Barths (big for New Year), St Vincent and Turks and Caicos. Then, there are the special places like Tahiti, Galapagos, the Seychelles and the Maldives with Dubai and Abu Dhabi thrown into the mix if your principal prefers shopping or the GP.


When to look for a job

As yacht owners and charter companies gear up for the upcoming season, job opportunities surge. So that means that from around March to May, is prime for job seekers, especially in the Mediterranean. 

When summer starts to wind down, positions may start to open up for the Caribbean season. 

September to November can be a good time to secure a role for the winter cruising season so if you can then head to Ports in Florida including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami as these are the best places for job seekers looking to grab a job in the states before the vessel heads down to the Bahamas or the Caribbean.

Another great way to land a position is taking on day work or finding last minute trips. The prime time to find day work is in the low season or as things start to slow down. It’s a great way to gain experience and hopefully land a full-time job.

Registering your CV with crew agencies like The Crew Hunter means that you will be first in line for any new jobs as and when they come up. To view the full list of current jobs available click here


When to train

Investing in training and professional development is key to progressing your career. So, you’ll want to plan this for those quieter moments of the year, outside of peak season.

Towards the end of the summer and beginning of autumn, the Mediterranean season starts tapering off. This period, roughly from September to November, offers quieter times ideal for pursuing training, certifications, or skill enhancements.

Similarly, late winter and early spring the Caribbean season comes to an end. From around January to March is another quieter window for advancing skills or undertaking specialised training.

At The Crew Academy, training courses run throughout the year, so you can pick a date and learning style that suits you. Many of the courses can be completed completely online, too, such as the Leadership, Mental Health, and Interior Programs. The Purser Program can be completed in person at Tilton House in Sussex, or remotely with the online or fully flexible options.

Whatever your lifestyle and time commitments, choose a learning option that works for you and your career goals.


Events and Shows

Throughout the year, there are various events and yacht shows to be aware of. These events are moments for the industry to get together in one place and can be great opportunities for networking.

Dubai Yacht Show – February/March
Displaying the finest yachts and attracting global yacht enthusiasts.

Palma Yacht Show – April/May
A showcase of yachts and maritime services in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Antigua Yacht Show – December
Showcasing a wide array of luxury yachts in the Caribbean.

Cannes Yachting Festival – September
Presenting luxurious sailing and motor yachts in Cannes, France.

Monaco Yacht Show – September
A premier event showcasing luxury yachts and networking opportunities for professionals in the industry.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show – October/November
Known as the world’s largest in-water boat show, it attracts industry professionals, owners, and enthusiasts.


What’s next…

Understanding these seasonal shifts and industry events can be pivotal for career growth in yachting. Timing job searches, training endeavours, and networking efforts aligned with these periods can significantly bolster prospects and propel your career in this dynamic and rewarding industry.

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