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The innovation the yachting world has been waiting for.

Yacht crews manage countless moving parts, hundreds of different processes, and thousands of different items, with crews that often rotate out. The need for streamlined knowledge, operations and training is paramount.

Kelp is the unparalleled Knowledge and Learning Management System (KMS) designed to meet this unique challenge. Built bespoke for each vessel in a modular format, Kelp grows provides a comprehensive toolkit that ensures consistency across every aspect of yacht operations and management.

From orientation and onboarding, to mandatory training and continuing professional development (CPD), seamless internal processes and efficient handovers, Kelp streamlines various aspects of yachting operations, saving time and energy spent on repetitive admin and training.

Choose Kelp to simplify your vessel’s information management and empower your crew with the knowledge they need to excel.

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3 clicks to knowledge.

An incredibly intuitive and user-friendly platform, Kelp has been meticulously designed to give you access to all the tools, resources and information you need in just three clicks.

Need to review that document asap? It’s just a click, click, click away. Want easy access to data, documents, certificates, manuals, SOPs, training and a whole host of other bespoke vessel relevant resources then simply click 1, 2, 3, and all the information is at your fingertips….  

Onboarding & Orientation.

The learning journey begins before crew members even step foot on the yacht.

Technical Manual.

Access every detail about your vessel’s equipment and systems in just three clicks.

Your DocuCentre.

Your knowledge locker. Documents are centralised, relevant and up-to-date.

Training Programs.

A suite of 265 training courses with personalised pathways for every crew member.

Warranty & Aftercare.

Kelp ensures meticulous adherence to best practices to protect the vessel.

Trusted Partners.

Kelp stores details of your network of approved vendors and service providers.

Standard Operating Procedures

Seamlesses processes across nine core departments with bespoke SOPs.

Tailored Resources.

Empower your crew with instant access to a wealth of knowledge across departments.

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