Introduction to Yachting and Yachting Life (IAMI GUEST Unit 23)

Introduction to Yachting and Yachting Life (IAMI GUEST Unit 23)

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Welcome to YCRT’s Introduction to Yachting & Yachting Life course which provides a comprehensive overview of the yachting industry and the unique dynamics of life at sea. Students gain insights into the demographics of the yachting sector, its subdivisions, and relevant industries, laying a foundation for understanding the industry's structure and scope.

The course equips participants with professional strategies for securing a position onboard a yacht, emphasising effective job search techniques tailored to the yachting industry. Participants also explore the distinct lifestyle and responsibilities of crew members at sea, acquiring essential knowledge of yacht orientation, seamanship terminology, and onboard roles and duties.

The module delves into the onboard hierarchy, chain of command, personal presentation, and hygiene standards, preparing students for the expected etiquette, behaviours, and attention to detail required in their roles.

The course also emphasises the importance of communication styles and the etiquette of interacting with guests, fostering an appreciation for worldwide cultures and behaviours. Furthermore, it addresses maintaining personal health and wellbeing at sea while outlining the shared responsibilities of employers and crew for health and safety in the maritime industry, ensuring a holistic understanding of the challenges and expectations of yachting life.

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Key Takeaways

Learning outcomes:

  • The Demographics of the Yachting Sector, its SubDivisions & relevant Industries.

  • How to Professionally search for a Position onboard a Yacht

  • Life at Sea as a Crew member

  • Yacht Orientation & Seamanship Terminology

  • The Roles & Duties of the Personnel & Departments Onboard a Yacht

  • The Onboard Hierarchy & Chain of Command

  • The Onboard Standards of Personal Presentation & Hygiene

  • The expected Etiquette & Behaviours as a Crew Member

  • The Standards of Attention to Detail required onboard a yacht

  • The Importance of Communication & Communication Styles

  • The Etiquette of Meeting & Interacting with guests

  • The Diversities & Differences of Worldwide Cultures & Behaviours

  • Maintaining Personal Health & Wellbeing & how to find Support

  • The Responsibilities of Employers & Crew for Health & Safety in the Maritime Industry


Course Format

Learning journey:

Total of 22 hours of blended learning; Online allowing students to join from any time-zone and location.

  • Video introduction to unit (10 minutes)
  • Guided eLearning / Self-study through VLE (19 hours)
  • Series of multiple-choice knowledge checks throughout course
  • 2-part practical assessment (2 hours)
  • Online written examination (1 hour)   


Necessary Equipment:

  • Good internet, computer & printer
  • Device with video capabilities  


Your Trainer - Sarah Wood

Born and raised on Canada’s Great Lakes, Sarah spent over ten years working between luxury estates and various superyachts, working her way up to Chief Stewardess on 40-85m vessels. After moving ashore and working as a consultant for a UK based recruitment and management company, Sarah relocated to Australia with her family and founded a boutique yacht crew recruitment company. Since joining the Crew Academy team Sarah has been refreshing the interior courses and is excited to share her experience and love for the industry as an IAMI GUEST approved trainer, teaching an assortment of interior courses.



Topic 1: Understand the demographics of the yachting industry, and the guidelines for employment and how to professionally search for a position within the industry.

  • A basic knowledge of the demographics of the Yachting Industry 

  • A knowledge of basic seamanship terminology & definitions

  • A basic knowledge of Life at Sea as a Seafarer onboard a professional yacht

  • A basic knowledge of the guidelines for employment & how to proficiently search for a position on board

  • A basic awareness of the requirement & the impact for having an onboard Ethical Code of Conduct (Yacht Standing Orders) 


Topic 2: To understand the onboard departments & the chain of command & the importance of maintaining personal health & wellbeing.

  • A basic knowledge of the onboard Departments and career path opportunities
    within each onboard Departments, including: (Deck, Engineering, Interior & Galley)

  • A basic knowledge of the onboard Hierarchy & Chain of Command (Deck,Engineering, Interior & Galley)

  • A basic knowledge of the measures for maintaining personal health & wellbeing onboard a Yacht. 

  • A basic knowledge of how to deal with Harassment onboard a Yacht


Topic 3: To understand the required standards of Behaviour, Personal Presentation & Work Ethics.

  • A basic knowledge of the expected standards of behaviour & personal presentation

  • A basic knowledge of the standard of attention to detail & work ethics required onboard a yacht


Topic 4: To understand the importance of effective communication & communication styles.

  • A basic knowledge of the importance of good communication and the different styles used to communicate


Topic 5: To understand the etiquette of meeting & interacting with guests & crew members from different cultures & regions of the world. 

  • A basic knowledge of the diversity of cultures

  • A basic knowledge of meeting & interacting with guests & crew members from different cultures & customs


Topic 6: To understand the basic structure of International Maritime Law and the importance of Health & Safety in the Maritime Industry.

  • A basic awareness of the function of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)

  • A basic understanding of the onboard Health & Safety protocols & procedures and the role of crew members

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